I'm Board Family
"Tree", if you will
Hi, my name is Mel. I have many years experience as a carpenter, and I have always enjoyed working with wood. I admire the grain, texture,  color and all the other attributes of wood.
​But after many years of framing, building decks and most other aspects of rough carpentry work, I was  starting to lose interest. So I sat down one day and started thinking of what else I might do for a living that I would truly enjoy. I have always heard that if you do something  for a living that you enjoy, then you will never actually work another day in your life.
I decided to give that theory a try. Another thing someone told me once (my brother Richard) is to look around at the resources available to you in the area you wish to do business, and take advantage of those resources.
Bingo! I like working with wood, and Missouri has many species of trees that will produce very desirable lumber for all kinds of woodworking projects. Missourians have a reputation for being do-it-yourselfers; they like to use wood to make things like furniture, fences, barns, and even custom home construction.
Since I like working with wood and trees are all over this part of the country, I decided to become a Sawyer. I began to think of what to call my new business ("Mel's Mill" came to mind) when my grandson (Kolby) came to me and said,  
"Grandpa, I'm Bored! "
"Exactly!" I exclaimed, "That's it!"
"What's it?" He asked.
Not bothering to answer the poor little guy, I mumbled to myself, "I can change it to  'Board' instead of 'Bored', and that will say about all that has to be said. It also sounds cleverly amusing!"
Anyway, I was so deep in thought about the whole thing that I think Kolby gave up on me and found something else to do.  As for me, I got very excited about my new adventure; I began designing this web site so I could tell everyone about the birth of something I hope becomes very successful:
                                                                                     I'm  Board!
Our Foliage
 Here at I'm Board we like to look at everyone that works with us as family, a "branch" of our personal adventure.
We treat everyone here just as we would treat our own and hope to recieve the same treatment from them.
If not, then I do own a chainsaw or two, nothing at all to remove  a limb!

On that note, if anyone at I'm Board ever treats you, " our customers" in any way other than we treat each other let me know.
A little more tree triming may be in order?